EISB is a Residential-cum-Day School where Boarding homes plays a key role in the overall development of children staying away from their homes. In all respects, it is a second home away from home, enabling the boarders to use it as a springboard to success and a stepping stone to enter the world with confidence, dignity, sportsman spirit and wisdom.

There are two separate Boarding Houses for Boys’ and Girls’. Each floor of the boarding house accommodates 30 students each having their own semi-private space in the form of independent cubicles. Each well-ventilated cubilcle has a bed, an almirah, a study table, a stirage rack and an all-in-one screen for every boarder. Each child is under the able guidance and individual supervision of qualified, skilled, teaching / residential staff taking care of his/her emotional and pastoral well being.

The boarding houses provides modern amenities with comfort and recreation where children are able to use their leisure productively.

Boarding makes a child grow up with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, respect for different customs / traditions and cultures, prepares him/her to soar with confidence and alight on the platform of real life with fortitude and wisdom.

A beautifully architectured dining block ‘ MANNA ‘ lies in between the two boarding houses with two separate kitchens where the Vegetarians are able to enjoy their hearty meals without any glimpse or aroma of the non-vegetarian dishes. Provision for personalized foods in special kitchens have also been kept in mind as per the desires of our boarders from other countries.

  • Boarding at EISB aims at providing a healthy, well-balanced meal for the boarders.
  • Breakup of the meals provided for a full time/ weekly boarder.
  • A wholesome Breakfast, Morning snack, Lunch, Afternoon snack, Evening snack and Dinner.
  • For vegetarians pure vegetarian food is provided by having a separate section for dining and cooking purposes for vegetarians.
  • Baby corn, mushroom, tofu, paneer and a range of various exotic vegetarian dishes are provided.