On Saturday, the 9th of January, 2016, we hosted a very successful 8th Annual Sports Day.  It was a beautiful day filled with fun activities and exciting sport events.  We were honoured by the presence of our Chief Guests: Mrs. Pramila Aiyappa, Olympian and International Athlete, and Mr. Aiyappa, International Athlete and Coach. Ms. Priya Anand, our Head of School, welcomed the guests and enlightened the students on the value of sports. Our CEO and Chairman, Mr. Jesus Lall, as well as Mrs. Pramila Aiyappa, gave motivating talks which impacted our students greatly. Students were encouraged to pursue their dreams with perseverance and determination.  

The perseverance of our students was evident in all the events of the day.  Every student participated in at least one activity.  These included novelty races by our EISB Beginners, a grand display known as Bhartiyam by Grades 2 through 5, and March Past by Grades 6 and above.  There was a healthy and energetic competition among the Houses (Teresa, Lincoln, Mandela and Nehru).  Children decorated their House tents in an environmentally friendly manner utilizing reused material, and actively cheered for their respective houses.  Special events included short cricket and football matches, and even a teacher's relay. We conducted interschool athletic events with the participation of students from various international schools. The overall winner of the interhouse competition was the Jawaharlal Nehru House.  This momentous day concluded with the prize distribution and a memorable closing ceremony.






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