School Leadership

ANURADHA KRISHNAN is dynamic and vivacious with three decades of teaching experience in prestigious institutions. She joined Primus in 2009 and was Principal of the school from 2011 to 2021. She took over as the Head of School at EISB in 2021. Anuradha Krishnan is a deeply committed and creative teacher with a penchant for innovation. She hopes to work with students, staff, parents and management to do her best for young learners.

When parents entrust their precious children to us to nurture and educate, we carry an enormous responsibility. We must give them the best environment and provide ample opportunities to help them develop into caring, open-minded, sensitive and knowledgeable young adults. I believe that a happy teacher will inspire happy children and promote healthy social interactions and collaborations so teacher wellbeing is a top priority.

The results at EISB speak for themselves. An excellent team of teachers encourage students to inquire, explore, experiment, question and reflect on their learning. Many of our alumni are studying at top universities in India and overseas.The beautiful campus offers an enormous variety of activities and ample scope for every child to discover and hone their skills. Sporting, art and cultural activities abound and allow students to give expression to themselves. At EISB, we leverage technology to help make learning exciting, innovative and progressive. We foster confidence, tolerance and creativity in our students and help them evolve into positive contributors to society.

The Boarding at EISB is an excellent experience for students with the option of being a weekly-boarder or a regular boarder. The wardens and home teachers provide the experience of a home-away-from-home. Boarding offers students the opportunity to become more responsible, develop agency, learn problem-solving and financial skills, understand different cultures, and become more independent and capable of managing themselves.


Dr. Vishnu Sharma


Dr Vishnu Sharma, a passionate educator, and leader, comes with 20+ years of rich experience in reputed schools of India and abroad. An alumnus of Oxford University, Dr. Sharma holds a School Leadership and Management certification from Harvard University, IIM-Ahmadabad, & NIEPA, New Delhi. A recipient of Commonwealth, WorldBank, ICAR fellowships & an honorary doctorate (Education), Dr Sharma brings a positive attitude, warmth, and high expectations to the school, which will inspire the students and teachers at EISB.




Our world class academic leadership team comprises of eminent educational professionals. These seasoned professionals ensure that our learners get the best educational experience. Their main task is to mentor and guide the teaching faculty to achieve desired learning outcomes through effective teaching and learning progress.

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