Career Counseling


Finding the Best ‘fit’

College counseling at EISB is a personalized, student-centered program that educates parents and students extensively about preparing for college, the college search process, completing applications and, ultimately, selecting a college.


Our Greatest Success

Our greatest successes come from helping students to recognize the wonderful array of institutions available to them, and then narrowing down to those considered to be the best fit. When they come back to visit and are happy at their college – academically stimulated and challenged, active in campus life, and having made good friends, we feel that the process has been a success.


Counselors visit the classroom as well as meet with students individually or in small groups. Counselors explain the importance of grade point average (GPA) for future college admission and how their GPA begins with the grades students earn in middle years and continues through each grade in the high school years.

Students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities in school and to become involved in their own communities. Leadership is explained and students are prompted to begin to look and ask for ways to show leadership.

During course selection for High School, counselors walk students through the process of updating their four year plans and choosing the best courses to help reach their post-secondary goals.

GRADE 9 & 10

Counselors visit the classroom as well as meet with students individually or in small groups. Counselors remind learners of the importance of maintaining or improving their GPAs while finding an extracurricular activity or activities to commit to throughout high school.

Students are reminded of the importance of leadership and are given examples of how to lead and how to apply for leadership opportunities.

Students may opt to take the PSAT as a practice test for the National Merit Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) their junior year.

Counselors visit the classroom to encourage college visits, provide lists of questions to ask when visiting colleges.

GRADE 11 & 12

This is a time to begin narrowing the college search. Students attend two college fairs and meet college admission reps personally.

Counselors direct students to the Scholarship Calendar and how to search for scholarships and remind students of the Opportunities Calendar which includes leadership opportunities. Parents are encouraged to attend the College Information Sessions.

Students update their existing resumes and can use them for applying for a scholarship or for college application. In the last year, small groups or individual meetings are organised which covers topics such as Completing College Applications, Matching Common App, Requesting Letters of Recommendation, Essay Writing etc.


College Preparation

Students in grades 9 and 11 take the PSAT and are given an in-depth description of their results along the way. Students gain a better understanding of how their test scores relate to future SAT tests, essential test prep needed to improve scores, foundational concepts in which they may be lacking, and potential success in future.

Grade 12 students take the SAT during the fall. The college counselling department guides the students to various professional organisations which provide expert coaching for SAT.


Princeton University
Brown University
Dartmouth College
Carnegie Mellon
Vanderbilt University
New York University
Santa Clara University
Case Western University
Boston University
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
UC Davis
UC Riverside
UC Santa Barbara
Baylor University
Abilene Christian University
Stony Brook University
Fordham University
Western Michigan University
Cleveland State University
Arizona State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Augustana College
Georgia State University
Penn State University
New Jersey State University
Seton Hall University
Brunel University London
Loughborough University
Cardiff Metropolitan University
University of San Francisco
C U Boulder Drexel University
New Castle University
Bournemouth University
Manchester Metropolitan
University of Portsmouth Monash
University of Melbourne British Columbia
University of Calgary, Canada
Saskatchewan, Canada
Murdoch University, Dubai
Heriot Watt University, Dubai
Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Germany
NIFT – India
NID – India
Alliance University – India
Christ University – India

College Counseling Events & Activities

At EISB we identify the importance of college guidance and counseling. Each year we collaborate with hundreds of Universities across the globe to organise University fairs on the school campus.