On March 5, 2016, our boarders had a different and wonderful experience, as they engaged in conversations and discussions with our special guest and invited speaker. A truly versatile personality, Mr. Navin is a successful aerospace and automotive engineer, and takes an equally ardent interest in painting, nature, literature, and people. He was enthusiastically greeted by our boarders, with a gorgeous bouquet and a welcome speech by Dinakar.

Mr. Navin gave a highly engaging presentation explaining the pervasive role of engineers in making our life comfortable and luxurious. specially fascinating topic that he explored in his presentation was 'biomimicry in engineering' – how complex problems are effortlessly solved by mother nature, and how such ideas continue to inspire engineers and scientists to build innovative technology. This was illustrated with some beautiful examples of the ubiquitous presence of mathematics in natural phenomena. All of this greatly amused and inspired our students. Along this line, Mr. Navin also stressed on the importance of building a good academic foundation based on understanding and curiosity, right from an early stage, in order to achieve long-standing success in any chosen career.

Our guest also generously shared his experiences in engineering, and the many insights he has amassed during his journey. Students continued to converse with him on various topics over breakfast. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by our boarder, Sahil, who summarized the key lessons from the talk, and expressed heartfelt thanks towards Mr. Navin on behalf of all our boarders.

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