Congratulations to our School Athletic team for winning various medals in the Inter School Friendship Games organized by Head start School on 22nd and 23rd January 2014
Mahantesh M Mudnur of VIII A – Gold medal in Shot put (under 14years).
Mir Mohammed Moosa of Std III A- Bronze medal in 50mts run boys (under 9 years).
Joshua Marshal Dadel of std VI A – Bronze medal in Shot Put boys (under 13 years).
Sanchita Sunil of std III B – Bronze medal in Bend Arm throw girls (under 9 years).
Our School under 10years Boys Relay Team won the Bronze Medal in 4X50meters shuttle relay. The team

1. Niraj Sunil S – Std III A
2. Aryan P Raj – Std IV A
3. Aryan Shiva Ramkumar – Std IV C
4. Abijith T. K – Std IV B