Our HOS Ms. Anand conducted another enriching CPD on Jan 23, 2016 for all Teachers of EISB. The first session was on ' What great Teachers do differently?'. It was told that one of the best-kept secrets of the very best Teachers is that they have very few discipline problems. They do have discipline challenges however they never allow those challenges to become problems. It was also emphasized that great Teachers establish very clear expectations, follow them consistently / consistently reinforce, expect good behavior, have procedures – a consistent way that they expect something to be done. 

The second session was the introduction of the EISB Language Policy. The objectives of the policy were discussed All stakeholders of the school are expected to understand that the skills of speaking, listening, comprehending, presenting and writing are required for oral and written communication. As an international school, EISB sees language learning as a means of raising inter-cultural awareness so that the respect for people from different linguistic backgrounds is cultivated.

The Professional Development session for the EISB Beginnings’ Teachers was one where they had a brush with 'Inquiry Teaching'. They delved into the advantages of the Inquiry method, both for the Students and Teachers. The Teachers explored the Inquiry cycle and tried designing the learning engagements for an upcoming unit too.