The French Students of Grade VI and VII did a lesson on reflexive verbs in an innovative fashion. To help them comprehend and use these verbs more effectively a small project was given during the class hours. The topic of the project was to describe a day in one's life. The excited children got on to their task at once in groups of four with bubbling ideas as they wanted to create a story of their own using the reflexive verbs.

They collected images based on the verbs representing the daily activities, even drew pictures using their artistic skills and spun an interesting story with the help of these verbs. The most common verbs used were : se réveiller, se lever, se laver, se brosser, se baigner, s'habiller, se peigner, se chausser, se promener, se coucher, s'endormir etc.

While doing this project the Students learnt the correct usage of the verbs and the appropriate tense of the grammar. It’s praiseworthy that the Students ran their imagination into the lives of sports stars like Milkha Singh and Ronaldo.

French Project French Project French Project French Project French Project

Keep up the good work Students!

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