The morning of August 15th 2015, was an awesome sight. Dressed in various shades of the Tricolour, the staff and students were driven in our School buses bearing large Indian flags showing the public that we are proud to be Indians.

At the start of the program, the National Flag was unveiled by our Chief Guest Mr. M. L. Ravi, which was followed by the melodious singing of the National Anthem. The program started with Readings from all the Holy Books……The Bagavat Gita, by Mrs. Archana Nagar, The Holy Quran by Mr. Amjad Khan and The Holy Bible by Mrs. Jyoti. Prayer by Mr. Harry thanking God for our beauteous Motherland led to the Invocation Song by Mrs. Rakhi Chakroborthy, Mrs. Jyoti, Mrs. Papiya and Ms. Tasneem Hafizulla.

The Principal Mr. Ajay Kumar was then invited to say a few words. Speaking about the sacrifices made by our Freedom Fighters,     Mr. Ajay Kumar gave a brief History to our Independence and free India.

Mrs. Caroline Ratre introduced our Chief Guest Mr. M. L. Ravi a person with rich experience in the field of Computers and Information Technology who through the Computer Society of India brought about revolutionary changes in rural India.  He had also successfully completed the Project of preparing the Photo-identity cards for the Election Commission of India, in the state of Karnataka, primarily in the rural areas. 

In his address, Mr. Ravi urged the future generation of young Indians to be proud to belong to this great nation and he encouraged all present to serve this beautiful country. Mr. Ravi encouraged the students to travel around our country, learn the various languages, understand the diverse culture and respect the basic essence of India. Our Chief Guest emphasised on three 'Ds'…. DETERMINATION, DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE and spoke on how these three components are very essential to make a complete person. 

The poetess of our School, Ms. Tasneem Hafizulla who had penned a beautiful poem on our Motherland recited it with true emotions. 

Three little our students Priyamvada of Grade 3, Sindura and Avani both from Prep 2, danced gracefully to the tune of 'Indiawale'. Choreographed by Mrs. Ranjana Anuj, our little ones held the audience in rapt attention. 

The three little girls also had the privilege of cutting a massive cake shaped like the Indian tricolour baked by the School baker         Mr. Babu. 

Our comperes for the day Safa Ashraf of Grade 12 and Karan Sidharthan of A level need a word of appreciation. The special program came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem by all present and to the saying by Shri Subash Chandra Bose that 'Freedom is not given but taken'. 

Jai Hind. 

Independence Day Celebration at EISBIndependence Day Celebration at EISB







Independence Day Celebration at EISBIndependence Day Celebration at EISB

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