The school assembly on 19th based on the IB Learner Profile -Risk Taker provided the students an opportunity to understand what risk taking is all about.  A short story based on the theme was narrated to the students. The story beautifully brought out the theme of the assembly- “ Those who refuse to risk and grow, get swallowed up by life” .Various attributes of risk taking, like – uncertainty, unpredictability, facing criticism, etc were discussed with the children. 

Students were encouraged to take risks as it gives them an opportunity to open up their interests and abilities while helping them set goals and follow them. Emphasis was laid on the fact that taking risk helps them conquer their fears and makes them feel powerful , where, they can make things happen, rather than wait for things to happen. 

The session became more interactive when real life examples of famous personalities like Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Van Gogh etc. who were risk takers  were cited. 

In conclusion, the children were made to understand, that whether we succeed or fail, taking a risk, stretches us, gives us faith in ourselves and the confidence to do more and never ever give up.

The assembly ended with a suitable thought for the day, reflecting the theme and we are sure our young  our students were all charged up to become future Risk Takers and take on the world!

Learner Profile attribute – Risk TakerLearner Profile attribute – Risk Taker

Learner Profile attribute – Risk TakerLearner Profile attribute – Risk Taker