Graduating with sufficient Hard-skills does not equip students for wholesome learning and readiness for the “career world” filled with challenges. Therefore, Soft skills become an integral part of learning as early as in school. EISB stepped up to introduce this to our boarders on the 12th Feb, 2016

Motivation being the utmost need of the hour was chosen as the theme. The boarders were led through activities which proved the need for Self –motivation. This charged our boarders to achieve the goals they have set and to overcome weights, hurdles and obstacles they would face on their journey to success. 

“Reflection-time” poured out some emotional challenges that they face regularly and as a team we brought out solutions through the concept of Motivation. It was a  fun filled learning experience.  The boarders showed interest in having these sessions more often. At EISB, we do not leave any stone unturned for our students who would be graduating out as future leaders.

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