The Science Olympiad Examination organized by  the Science Olympiad Foundation-New Delhi was held in November 2014. We are very glad to announce the winners who secured a Gold medal and a certificate for their excellent performance.

  1. Prisha Sharma of Std I secured the IXth rank in State level
  2. Naina Enock of Std I secured the VIth rank in State level
  3. Sumedha Jana of Std I
  4. Nishita Kashyap of Std II
  5. Aadi Sureka of Std III
  6. Arnav Jha of Std IV
  7. Ashritha Arunkumar of Std V
  8. Arvind Prabhu of Std VI
  9. Harshitha Arora of Std VII
  10. Anjali Ajay Prabhu of Std VIII
  11. Prathiksha of Std X

A special mention about Srishti Srikanth Balivada of Std I for securing the III rank at the State level.

Congratulations to all the winners.

The Science Olympiad Examination



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