EISB Beginnings was buzzing with enthusiasm and cheer as we hosted the Transport Fair for our Kindergarteners. It was a busy morning with classrooms converted into Roadways, Railways, Airways and Water transport. This was a culmination of our Unit and the students were provided with this experience to express their ideas and hone their skills.

They were thrilled to get a ticket and board a plane or a train and go for a merry ride. They had lots of fun as they engaged in different activities such as taking a ride in the toy train, getting their security check done, taking a boarding pass and waiting at the airport for their flight, following traffic signals, wearing a pirate eye patch, rowing their boats and much more. They were totally engrossed in pretend play as they learnt about the modes of transport and about their safety and security while travelling. It was a fun exercise that attracted our Junior School students and we had our Grades 1 and 2 visiting the Transport Fair too.

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