Special Feature at EISB

Conference Hall

Most meticulously planned, this Hall serves as a salient feature the school has to offer. Complete with wooden flooring and acoustically treated, Tele Education is executed here with the help of a well-trained staff and modern equipments.

Important staff retreats are also held here. Significant staff gatherings and conventions have been held here with the guest speaker benefitted with the usage of a Power Point Projector and Wi-Fi access for uninterrupted internet access. Having tie-ups with a number of universities abroad, this hall is made available for these foreign delegates to interact with staff and students without distractions.

Fire Safety Measures

The entire campus is protected from Fire Hazards. Minute details and planning have been executed keeping in mind the safety of the pupils and all involved in EISB.

Alternate Power Supply

Keeping in mind the frequent shortage of power supply in Bangalore, a generator with high kilowatt capacity has been installed in the School Campus to ensure uninterrupted supply of power. In case of any power failure, this generator restores power in matter of seconds.

G4S Security Personnel

Our success, as a society, depends on how safe our children feel in their surroundings. At EISB, we believe that all success is failure if we do not make certain a secure environment for our students.

Thus, to ensure the well-being of our students, we have appointed a network of well-trained G4S security personnel. G4S Secure Solutions has a strong nationwide presence with over 200 branches and regional existence spread across the country. They are a team of professionally trained, well-supervised security personnel who own full responsibility for the protection of each and every student at the school.

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