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ANURADHA KRISHNAN, a University topper and winner of the State Merit Scholarship, is dynamic and vivacious with nearly three decades of teaching experience in prestigious institutions like Jyothi Nivas College, Baldwins Methodist College, and Mount Carmel College. She joined Primus in 2009 and was Principal of the school from 2011 to 2021. She is now the Head of School and Principal at EISB.

Anuradha has won laurels for her oratory skills and is often called upon to speak at gatherings. She is a voracious reader and loves music. Her cheerful demeanour makes her a favourite with both students and colleagues alike. Anuradha Krishnan is a deeply committed and creative teacher with a penchant for innovation. She hopes to work with students, staff, parents and management to do her best for young learners. She firmly endorses that a comprehensive education must include physical, cultural, social and emotional development, along with academic excellence.



When parents entrust their precious children to us to nurture and educate, we carry an enormous responsibility. We must give them the best environment and provide ample opportunities to help them develop into caring, open-minded, sensitive and knowledgeable young adults.

We can not compromise on academic excellence. The results at EISB speak for themselves. An excellent team of teachers encourage students to inquire, explore, experiment, question and reflect on their learning. Many of our alumni are studying at top universities in India and overseas.

At EISB, we surround our students with warmth and support them every step of the way. The beautiful campus offers an enormous variety of activities and ample scope for every child to discover and hone their skills. The excellent teachers become their mentors and guides and help students navigate through all the confusion and doubts they may have along the way. Art and cultural activities abound and allow students to give expression to themselves.

We believe that there is no greater predictor of academic achievement and motivation than happiness. A happy teacher will inspire happy children and promote healthy social interactions and collaborations. We foster confidence, tolerance and creativity in our students and help them evolve into positive contributors to society.

Technology now pervades all areas of our lives. At EISB, we leverage technology to help make learning exciting, innovative and progressive. The seamless transition from regular physical school to online learning last year richly demonstrates this philosophy.

The Boarding at EISB is an excellent experience for students with the option of being a week-boarder or regular boarder. The wardens and home teachers provide the experience of a home-away-from-home. It gives students more time to enjoy the facilities on campus, create lasting relationships and have a more focussed approach to learning. Boarding offers students the opportunity to become more responsible, develop agency, learn problem-solving and financial skills, understand different cultures, and become more independent and capable of managing themselves.

A student from EISB will always be able to look back at their school with fond memories of their growing years, and of the time they spent in the beautiful environs of the school, making lifelong friends and building the foundation they expand upon through to adulthood.

Admissions to all grades from Kindergarten to grade 11 are open. If you’d like to get a better look at our facilities or want to get a sense of the place, do feel free to visit us. Our admissions team will be happy to give you a tour and walk you through what we offer at EISB.



Our world class academic leadership team comprises of eminent educational professionals. These seasoned professionals ensure that our learners get the best educational experience. Their main task is to mentor and guide the teaching faculty to achieve desired learning outcomes through effective teaching and learning progress.

Mr. Abhinav Awasthi
IBDP Coordinator

Abhinav Awasthi is the DP Coordinator of Ebenezer lnternational School Bangalore. He has completed hisMasters in Commerce and Bachelor in Education and has a rich lB experience of more than 13years. He has been working at EISB from past 1 year and is an lB Diploma examiner for Business Management HL paper one and also a team leader and senior examiner for lB Business Management Extended Essay. Abhinav, with his strong organizational, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills had led two lB world school to successful Diploma Programme authorisation. He is passionate about DP and feels privileged to be a part of a large global network of DP educators.

Ms. Gayathri Sanjay
IGCSE Coordinator

Gayathri Sanjay, the CIE Coordinator of Ebenezer lnternational School Bangalore has over two decades of experience in the field of education in lndia and overseas. An M.A B.Ed, she has helped nurture students from over 20 nationalities to help them become global citizens who are changing the world for the better. She believes that education must not be limited by the narrow confines of textbooks and examinations, and should be a quest to provide students with life skills that will help them navigate the realities of life successfully.

Ms. Jyoti Andrew
PYP Coordinator

Jyoti Andrew is the PYP Coordinator of Ebenezer lnternational School Bangalore. She has completed her Masters in Chemistry and Bachelor in Education and has a rich teaching experience of 16+ years. She has been working at EISB from past 11 years. She has strong organizational, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. She is passionate about PYP and feels privileged to be a part of a large network of PYP educators that helps her learn and grow everyday.

Sunitha Ramanathan
ICSE (Senior) Coordinator

Sunitha Ramanathan is the senior coordinator for ICSE and ISC. She brings 14 years of teaching experience across curriculums along with management experience – having served as a Team Lead and Coordinator for 12 years. She has a Masters in Administration along with a Bachelor of Education. She delivers exceptional results through constant motivation, nurturing and introducing innovative teaching methods in order to bring out the best in her students and to live up to their potential.

Ms. Beena Susan Abraham
ICSE (Junior) Coordinator

Beena Susan Abraham is the lCSE Primary coordinator of Ebenezer lnternational School Bangalore. She has completed her Masters in Sociology and Bachelor in Education and has a good teaching experience of 20years.She has been working at EISB from past 4 years . She is handling history in higher classes. She is capable to help in the development and implementation of high quality instructional material and curriculum programs.

National Curriculum - ICSE
International Curriculum - IGCSE & IB