Club Activities

A Multitude of engaging activities

We offer Gardening, Craftwork, Science, Traditional Games, Quiz, Chess, Dramatics, Non – Flame Cooking, Lines and Strokes, Rhythm and Moves, Symphony, Literary, Sustainable Environment, Mathematics, Debate, MUN, Film Appreciation, Karate and Yoga clubs. All the activities in these clubs are meant to develop organisational, interpersonal, communication, planning, critical thinking, financing, and evaluation skills in students. These clubs also hugely contribute in the social development of our students.


We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

A key aim at EISB is that every pupil should have the opportunity to participate in the activities that interest them, whether academic or non-academic. Discovering and learning new hobbies though our co-curricular programme enables pupils to expand their outlook, create new friendships, uncover hidden talents, and strive to be the best that they can be.

All students of EISB choose a club activity based on their interest and passion. Each week, they attend one lesson when fellow enthusiasts meet and pursue activities under that particular club. Each club has teachers who are equally passionate and steers the activities year.


Honing students’ talent

In the beginning of the Academic Year, students will work together to set goals, develop action plans for achieving those goals and implement those plans. Students are monitored at all levels and doing so, they could develop and maintain working relationships and friendships also.

ICSE and ISC at Ebenezer International School Bangalore